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If you've been looking for a horse training service provider in Farmington that can give your prized animal nothing less than the highest-quality attention around, Circle of Trust Mustanges is here for you. We offer quality horse training services and herbal remedies that are designed to keep your horse healthy, happy and calm. Contact us at 5052586748 for more information and inquiries regarding housing and care.

Our Qualified Staff

Our qualified and experienced staff are committed to treating your horse (or horses) with nothing less than the gentlest hands and the utmost attention. Always working to a high standard, because we know you don't want to settle for less, we are well-equipped to handle all of your horse's behaviour in a comforting, nurturing fashion. If you want the best training for your horse, you want to put him or her in our capable hands.

Why Us?

Our team of professionals are carefully selected and trained to handle your horse, ensuring that we can help alleviate any struggles your animal faces. We also provide our clients with basic horse exercise tips that ensure your horse grows healthy, fit and cooperative at all times, and while the animal is being trained in our care we diligently watch for any signs or signals that may indicate sickness and quickly act upon it.


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